• Brushed Oak Blanchet Flooring
  • Brushed Oak Blanchet Flooring
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Brushed Oak Blanchet Flooring


Oak, Engineered

The hardwood surface of the boards is given a wire brushing treatment prior to staining and finishing.  This removes some of the soft fibers and ‘opens’ the grain of the wood, which adds texture and interest to the surface.  Brushed floors are also more forgiving of minor wear and tear

4 3/4" x 1/2" x 24" Fixed

122mm x 12mm x 610mm Fixed

High performance polyurethane


This product complies with the CA Section 01350 standard for VOC emissions, one of the most stringent air quality standards in the world. 


Many hardwood floors exhibit a pronounced colour change after installation, a process called oxidation which occurs when the wood is exposed to air, and which is accelerated by exposure to sunlight.  The change varies by species but is most noticeable in exotic woods like acacia, and in unstained (natural)  floors.  Floors that have undergone a Smoking or Alchemic Stain process may also exhibit significant colour change after installation


Different wood species exhibit varying degrees of colour variation, ranging from evenly coloured with very little variation in tone to wildly contrasting with extreme variations visible.  Colour variation may be evident between the boards or within individual boards themselves.  

Low: Colour is consistent and even throughout most of the material.


On, above or below grade
Glue down only. Professional installation required.


A classic hardwood style that is coming back into fashion, herringbone flooring consists of short, uniform-length boards that can be installed in a variety of patterns.  


50 year residential as per manufacturer

Box Contents: 12.82 square feet

$135 PER BOX

*Please note that matching transitions and floor vents are available upon request. Please contact us for more info